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We provide temporary services for hospitals Our commitment is to supply administrative and operational professionals in support of the hospitals current staff. We can help by providing qualified replacements during your time of need that will help you fill your void and get the job done. Whether due to construction, planned special events or unforeseen emergency situations, sometimes it is necessary to have temporary staff to fulfill the daily tasks of your hospital, which is why Vanguard Medical  prides itself on providing temporary and non-temporary workers to ensure that medical centers can provide a high level of care at all times. We carefully screen our candidates to ensure we hire the best and maintain constant communication to understand our clients’ needs.

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We care for your equipment as you would care for it yourself. We understand the importance of its care.

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VANGUARD Medical’s Total Repair Cost Management is structured to provide you with an increased level of account­ability and produce savings in time and cost. We guarantee our repairs and your complete satisfaction.