Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

Our owner and President has over 20 years of experience in the surgical instruments repair industry. Due to his experience of the repair service industry, he has built partnerships with the nation’s top repair labs. These give us an edge over competitors as we are able to offer extensive repair capabilities using the latest technology avalible.

  • On-Site Sharpening
  • Camera Repairs
  • Flexible Endospes
  • Rigid Scopes
  • Drills & Power Equipment
  • Harmonic Scalpels
  • Phaco Handpieces
  • General & Specialty Instruments
  • Refurbished Equipment
  • Nitrile Gloves


On-Site Sharpening

Our experienced technicians can inspect, refurbish and sharpen surgical instruments. we will log and track your instrument sets to ensure each set is receiving the proper level of care in a freequent basis.  Our goal is to ensure your patient’s  safety, physician’s  satisfaction to perform surgeries without the need to delay due to broken or dull instruments. In addition, your facility will not have to spend thousands of dollars reeplacing rusty instruments that can be refurbished.

Our onsite technicians can also repair instrument containers and lids at a fraction of the cost of a new one. We will clean your sterilizers, cart loaders, conveyor belts, Your will not be disappointed.


Camera Repairs

We have the capability to repair various types of cameras from most manufacturers. Our repair labs have years of experience perfoming minor and major repairs. Our goal is to repair cameras to meet  manufacturer specifications. Our company does not use cheap Chinese made products.

We can repair cameras from the following manufacturers:


Flexible Scope Repairs

Once the scope is received, our repair lab performs a no cost comprehensive inspection to identify the root cause of your scope problems. We inspect angulation, ocular issues, fluid invasions, CCD units, air/water channels, etc. Lab is ISO certified to perform extensive repairs.

Rest assured, we will not perform repairs unless we have your consent to repair. Prior to returning the scope to your facility, our techniciands will perform an in-depth quality control inspection to ensure our repairs meel manufacturer specifications. We provide free loaner endoscopes depending on availability. Vanguard Medical provides warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

Our labs can repair scopes from the following manufacturers:


Rigid Scopes

Our repair labs perform test to identify the extent of your scope damage. They will test prisms, fiber light bundle and rod lenses. All scopes are tested to ensure they meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. We provide warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. 

As part of our services, we provide staff in-services for the proper care and handing of scopes. Our goal is to become a partner with your facility to help you save money on scope repair and replacements.

Our labs can repair scopes from the following manufactures: 


Drills & Power Equipment

We repair battery powered, electric or pneumatic drills from most manufactures. We have access to hundreds of components needed to repair drills to manufacturer specifications. Our technicians can repair faulty tools quickly and with a high degree of reliability. From the lastest Stryker system 8 to Midas drills.


Harmonic Scalpel Repairs

Why spend thousands of dollars replacing your harmonic scalpel hand pieces when you can send tem to our qualifield repair shop. We disassemble the instrument to include connectors, cables, ceramics, electrodes. Clean and inspect the shell housing and transducer components. we returns them to manufacturer specifications.


Phaco Handpiece

we repair and refurbish phaco handpleces from all major brands and models. Our technicians diagnose every part of your hand piece. This includes disassembly, replacement, installation of connectors, crystals, reassembly and calibration. We return your equipment to manufacturer specifications through comprehensive funcional testing. We offer competitive price and fast turnaround times.


General and Specialty Instruments

Our owner and President has over 20 years of experience in the surgical instrument repair industry. Due to his experience of the repair service industry, he has built strong partnerships with the nation’s top repair labs. This gives us an edge over competitors as we are able to offer extensive repair capabilities using the latest technology available. 

Additionally, we understand Original equipment manufacturers discontinue instruments from tome to time. We offer custom built instruments and have the capability to customize instruments based on your needs


Refurbished Equipment Sales

We can helps your facility save on capital equipment costs through our refurbished equipment sales program. Our equipment comes with a standard warranty and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

We can re-sell leg holders, arm boards, instruments, rigid and flexible scopes and many more. Reach out to us for more information regarding our refurbished equipment sales.


Nitrile Gloves (STALLION)



Nitrile Powder-Free Plus 3.5 Exam Glove (Stallion) is ideal for use in a large
variety of clinical settings. This high-end glove is a favorite amongst healthcare 
workers for its strength and polymer coating to make it easy to put on and take off

Each box contains 200 gloves. Cases are also available (10 boxes, 2000 gloves). 

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Ensuring customer satisfaction

We care for your equipment as you would care for it yourself. We understand the importance of its care.

More than25 +years of experience

VANGUARD Medical’s Total Repair Cost Management is structured to provide you with an increased level of account­ability and produce savings in time and cost. We guarantee our repairs and your complete satisfaction.